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What does Monat do?



The healing phase - What is it?

The healing phase is the time when your hair is transitioning from traditional hair care products to MONAT treatment systems.

Is it necessary? 

Over time traditional hair care products build up on the hair strand, covering the true quality of the hair like a bandaid & causing buildup on the strands + scalp so your hair doesn't grow & may experience dandruff or oil. We breakdown that bandaid to uncover your true hair. Our products are the only haircare line on the market that can penetrate into the hair shaft & cuticle - meaning we are able to deliver proteins + nutrients it needs healing & nurturing from the inside out. It reveals & heals your true, natural hair that's been covered up for decades. To do so, MONAT works hard to remove the build-up of silicones, waxes, parabens & other chemicals left behind from other products that suffocate your hair strands by coating the outside layer.

How long does it last?

The healing phase varies in length for everyone depending on the products, checmical processes, wear + tear & the type of hair you have, etc. prior to MONAT. Some people never experience a healing phase at all which fine as well!

How do I get the most out of the healing phase? 

There are MANY tips & tricks to going through the healing phase faster + navigate more easily. For example, using the Rejuveniqe Oil 1-2x a week for oil treatments on your scalp or adding in a clarifying shampoo will speed things along. Only use MONAT products - think about it, when you mix traditional hair care products with MONAT you are adding the waxes, silicones, chemicals right back into your hair completely undoing what MONAT is working to remove to reveal & heal your natural hair. Ask for help if you need guidance!

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