it looks different for everyone. 

maybe it starts out as $50 to pay your phone bill and then grows to cover your monthly expenses.
maybe it's free time to spend with your loved ones or finally breaking the chains of debt. 
maybe you're able to give back to others bigger than ever before or saving an fully-funded emergency fund.

whatever your definition of success, the skies the limit!



before this business I was living out of my car trimming on a weed farm and I was the most insecure person you could ever meet! I was so scared to start monat because I had ZERO experience in the beauty industry. but I went all in and I’ve been full time with monat for over a year and a half! now I get to travel the world and live wherever I want plus I actually love myself and have so much confidence now.

I’m a mommy of 2, I was working part time and after all bills were paid, I had $100 left every month. I depended on my boyfriend for everything! saw this opportunity and ran with it!! fast forward to 1 year later.... I’m now bringing home 5 figures and driving my brand new xt6 Cadillac!







@MichlennBocoboc @HairbyMichlenn

i’m Michlenn, I’m born & raised in Oahu Hawaii. I was working full time as a hairstylist and part time monat.. until I seen the amazing changes it has brought into my life. I was able to share this opportunity and change so many lives, get my own place in Las Vegas, pay off all my credit card debts, travel, move back home to Hawaii when Covid got worse in LV, and have multiple streams of income. 
I’ve been doing this full time since August 2019.. making 5 figures a month, and also a caddy owner!

I’m Amber. Born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. I’m a stay at home mommy of 3. I had absolutely nothing for myself. My fiancé took care of me since high school financially and my dad in law would give me money weekly. That’s it. When I came across this opportunity, it was as if God has answered my prayers. I felt so useless as a mom and fiancé because I couldn’t take care of them the way I wanted to. 1 year later, I’m able to finally say I make just as much as my other half does monthly (maybe even a little more) and I can take care of my family the way I’ve always dreamt of + so much more all because of shampoo. It’s been an amazing 1 year and I’m just getting started!







I was a broke college student who could barely afford groceries. I would walk away from the register to “call my bank” but really to try to help the awkward moment of my card getting declined. My 9-5 wasn’t cutting it and I was not passionate about what i was doing. I knew there was more but didn’t know where to turn. I met lish and knew I had found something so special. I dove in hard 6 months after officially signing and haven’t looked back. I’ve been full time monat since July 2019!

Before starting my journey with Monat, I knew I was destined for greatness. I always fantasized about living the life of my dreams but I really had no idea where to start. I had so many interests and often tried to box myself into one thing but I never felt fulfilled. With this opportunity it literally was all of my interests wrapped it a red ribbon. I’m able to make an income in the beauty industry while influencing others to be their true unapologetic selves. I really couldn’t ask for more!




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