We have a flexship (not autoship) because it’s totally flexible and products last so long! Every 60 days you’ll get an email and have 3 options - let it come, switch it out, push it out.

You’ll get an email a week prior, it’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do! After two additional flexships (your initial order counts as your first), you may opt out of flexships.

let it come

Do nothing & let your package come because you want/need more product!


switch it out

Login and change products around to get whatever you want/need & pick the exact day you'd like it - it’s the easiest + quickest process you’ll ever do! 


push it out

Login to your account & push your order out for another 30-60 days if you’re not ready for anything - NEVER have to receive product unless you’re ready. 


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save more

Enjoy an additional discount when you reach the following retail spending thresholds. Oh, and wait…this is on top of the 15% you already get for signing up as a VIP Customer! 

15% on $116 USD +
20% on $150 USD +
25% and $250 USD +


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free product

Limited edition product in every flexship order - options change monthly! 


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