MONAT’s clinical ingredient studies: what are they?

MONAT has naturally based products that utilize supplier-proven materials that provide a great environment for healthy scalp and hair. MONAT conducts independent safety studies on its finished products.

The clinical studies we refer to were conducted on the key ingredients used in MONAT formulations. These clinical studies refer to the key ingredient manufacturer or supplier conducted clinical tests on their own materials, and their documented results. Material suppliers offer us the use of their clinical results to validate the activity and demonstrate benefits that their material provides in our formulations.

All MONAT formulations use ingredients that the FDA and European Commission in the European Union consider “safe for their intended cosmetic purpose.” All MONAT formulations are clinically safety-tested by independent labs to ensure that they do not promote irritation. No MONAT formulation has ever shown any potential to cause irritation or allergy.

What can I expect when I switch from more conventional hair care products to MONAT’s hair care products?

The hair and scalp might go through a noticeable change or “transition phase” when switching over to more naturally based hair care products. Many conventional hair care products contain harsh chemicals and silicones, which build up on the hair with the intention to make the hair look shinier and to cover the hair’s damaged parts. When using MONAT shampoos, these silicones are slowly broken down and rinsed off the scalp and out of the hair. Hair begins to regain its natural shiny state and look naturally beautiful. This is what we mean by the “detoxifying”” process at MONAT – the gentle deep cleansing and purifying of the hair and scalp from conventional silicones, harsh chemicals, impurities, grime and product build-up.

Clinical studies have shown that MONAT shampoos and conditioners do not cause hair damage, hair breakage or hair loss. Hair loss is not part of any MONAT deep cleansing, purifying or “transformation” process. Hair shedding, however, is a normal process, whether using MONAT products or not. It’s normal to shed between 50 to 100 hairs a day.

Are the fragrances in MONAT products harmful?

No, the fragrances used in MONAT’s formulations have ingredients that adhere to the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and RIFM (Research Institute of Fragrance Materials) standards for safety. This is why you can be confident using and recommending MONAT.

MONAT’s proprietary formulations contain a combination of non-hazardous natural and safe synthetic fragrances which are added to enhance the aromatic experience.

All the MONAT formulations (with fragrance included) have been clinically tested for safety to ensure that they do not promote irritation.

What benefits do I receive as a VIP?

☼ Free shipping

☼ 15% discount products

☼ additional stacked savings for up to 45% off

☼ Only For You limited edition monthly products in every qualified flexship order

☼ Flexibility to choose different products in every order

☼ Generous friend referral program that gives you and your friends credit towards Flexships

☼ Access to flash sales, special offers & promotions

☼ Easy online ordering

☼ Birthday gift

☼ Option to upgrade to Market Partner with discount 

What is MONATs flexship service?

With MONAT’s Flexship Service, we will conveniently deliver your products directly to your door. Here is how it works:

1. Enroll and place your first qualified Flexship order (your Enrollment order). You will receive an immediate perk with the Only For You product in your first order! A qualified Flexship order is $84 USD VIP pricing.

2. Agree that your second and third Flexships are also $84 USD.

3. Order them on your schedule! You decide when they come—you can push delivery as often as you like. Choose the products that work for you and when they ship.

How does the 30 day money-back guarantee apply to the VIP customer program?

All MONAT products ALWAYS include a 30-day money-back guarantee. If a VIP is not satisfied with the products included in their first order, they can return them for a full refund and in this situation (i.e., only one order was shipped), they have the option to cancel their VIP membership, but they must return the product.

If a VIP returns product from subsequent orders, this is not a sufficient reason to cancel the VIP membership. A credit in the value amount of the product(s) returned will be applied to their account and the VIP must still fulfill the three required qualified Flexship orders (enrollment order plus two Flexships) to maintain membership.

When can a VIP cancel?

Within 30 days of receiving your first order, provided you return the products received in the initial order. You must contact the Market Partner & Customer Care team before the second order has shipped.

Once you have completed three or more qualified Flexship orders. A qualified Flexship order is $84 USD or more.

The VIP membership fee is non-refundable.

VIPs must call Market Partner and Customer Care to cancel; this cannot be done online. The fee to cancel is dependent on the number of Flexship orders placed. If a VIP keeps their initial order but requests to cancel, the fee is $25 USD. If a VIP has placed two Flexship orders (one being the enrollment order), the fee is $19 USD.

What does a VIP commit to when joining the VIP customer program?

As a VIP, you schedule your first Flexship during enrollment. Then, following your enrollment order, you commit to placing two or more qualified Flexship orders of $84 USD. By default your second order will ship approximately 30 days after your enrollment order. However, this order can be pushed out up to 60 days at a time.

You are not required to receive an order before you push it out. In fact, where you manage your shipment in the VIP Suite, you can push your order out up to 60 days from that day’s date whenever you like. Your orders process on the day(s) you designate, at the same great VIP price. You can customize and schedule your shipments online at any time.

Your orders below the $84 USD threshold still receive 15% off the Suggested Retail Price; place these orders through your VIP Suite, rather than as a Flexship order. Click here for the VIP Customer Agreement.