Why Social Marketing?

We get it—starting your own business can be stressful. From stocking inventory to trying to break even your first (or second year), hiring and wasting precious time, there are many pitfalls to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. These days, reaching out to others is so easy—and natural! That’s why our direct sales/social marketing model of business bypasses the retail channel of yesteryear in favor of a person-to-person focus. 

MONAT is your partner! We do the shipping, product development, marketing, events and more. That allows you to focus on sharing MONAT with others. Our unique platform enables us to reward our Market Partners for doing what they already do: sharing the products and services that change their lives. And you don’t have to be a hair stylist to do it!

As a MONAT Market Partner, you are in control—of how much and when to work, how to share, who to work with and more. But you’re also part of a larger team working toward the same goals.

We all succeed together. What could be more “social” than that? Whether you want to make enough money for a new couch, a new car or to live the life of your dreams, MONAT makes it possible.

What makes you different?

We’re the first to market a hair care product opportunity exclusively in the Direct Selling Industry. Hair care products are a multibillion-dollar industry. When consumers find a product that works for them, they tend to stick with it. After all, when you look good, you feel good!

Our safe and non-toxic products are clinically researched and scientifically backed, so you can feel confident about what you’re offering. A generous preferred customer program, which gives your “VIPs” access to discounted product, free shipping on qualifying orders, and regular promotions. Products are consumable, which means you’ll enjoy repeat purchases from your VIP Customers.

We offer a rewarding compensation plan with bonuses that pay out weekly and SMART Start helps establish new Market Partners as they follow the SMART Start roadmap. We show you the way! Our online Market Partner Academy is just one way we help you make the most of your MONAT business. We can even get you behind the wheel of your own Cadillac! Qualify for the MONAT Motor Club and you’ll earn a monthly bonus for a white Cadillac of your choice.

Are there sale quotas or monthly fees?

No, there are no required sale quotas or monthly purchases. There is a yearly renewal fee of $50 which covers the upkeep costs of your 2 websites in additional to covering your business license renewal. If you no longer wish to be a partner and your yearly reminder comes, simply don't pay and your account will be de-activated for you. If you wish to cancel before then, you may call customer service to have your account terminated.


We are regulated by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and by their measures, it is illegal to promote products while receiving compensation and having not purchased the products yourself. Just like any other business you need your tools, your license to sell and websites. Just as a brick-and-mortar store such as a bakery needs flour, sugar, a business license and in their case an establishment, you need your hair + skincare products, business license and websites to operate. As I'd hope a bakery would test, eat and share their baked goods, it makes sense for you to use your products so you can show off your results, be knowledgeable about different products - how the work, feel and smell like so when you share you have full understanding.

There is NO inventory. The products you receive in your business box are for your personal use. If you desire to purchase additional products, it is up to you and not required. 

is this a scam?

No. "Pyramid schemes", "ponzi schemes" whatever people call scams are ILLEGAL. Pyramid schemes offer no product or services. As mentioned in the answer above, we are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). First and foremost, our focus is on our products and services. We have an entire scientific board of doctors and scientists who spent 3 years researching and developing before we ever launched. There are over 1 million customers and 300 thousand partners. 

You are never "under" anyone, the sky is the limit with equal opportunities for everyone. Your sponsor or mentor is simply a resource to help you. You can earn and accomplish more than your mentor,  it happens frequently. You decide how much you want to make, what you want to accomplish and when you want it to happen. No one is in your way, you're in your own lane. 

Unlike scams in which you can never get your money back, we are the opposite. If within your first 30 days of business you decide this is not for you, you may return your business box (yes even used/empty bottles) for a full re-fund. There is zero risk and nothing on the line!

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